At AURUM JEWELRY we have wholesale sales both in the store and ONLINE.
Do you have a wholesale catalog?
No, all the accessories we have for wholesale are found in the "WHOLESALE" section of our website.
How do I make a wholesale purchase?
To make a purchase with a Wholesale discount, it is not necessary to enter a code before completing your purchase, the discounts are applied automatically.

- 30% discount on purchases of €250 or more.
- 50% discount on purchases of €500 or more.
- 60% discount on purchases of €1,000 or more.
- 65 % discount on purchases of €1,500 or more.

* In store or via WhatsApp we have discounts higher than 65%. For more information contact us through our WhatsApp .

  1. Add the items you wish to purchase from the "WHOLESALE" section to the shopping cart. 🛒 (Gather the minimum purchase in your cart in order to get the automatic disccount. Example: If you want to get a 50% discount, collect €500 in product in your cart.)
  2. Press the FINISH PURCHASE button when your shopping cart is ready.
  3. Enter the shipping address and payment method.
  4. Ready we will get to work on your order, if we have any questions we will contact you.
  5. After your first wholesale purchase, contact us to obtain your personalized discount code , with no minimum purchases, which you can use on our website to apply the discount.
Another way to make wholesale purchases:
The purchase can be made from the WhatsApp contact number or through the email contacto@aurummexico.com. We send you the available catalogues, since our catalogs change frequently. After choosing the desired items, we send a quote by this same means. Finally we provide you with our deposit or transfer account numbers. Once the deposit is made, at the moment of receiving the receipt, your shipping information will be requested. Ready we will get to work on your order, if we have any questions we will contact you.
Terms and Conditions of wholesale purchase
When making wholesale purchases, the user accepts the conditions established by AURUM JEWELRY which, if not fulfilled, may imply legal sanctions.
AURUM JEWELRY is a retail store and does not offer franchises, distributions, nor does it request brand representatives in different states of the Mexican Republic.
 Wholesale purchase conditions:
  • The preparation of your order will take us two business days, to review it in detail, after the delivery time of your package.
  • The purchased merchandise does not have brand wrappers or cards, they are sent in generic bags and with the necessary care to protect your pieces.
  • If you do not have your complete order, the staff in charge will contact you to give you the options to solve it.
  • The logo, images, photos, videos, texts and all the content used on the website and social networks of AURUM JEWELRY MEXICO is subject to copyright, so its duplication, replica, imitation or use for purposes other than those www. aurummexico.com has granted them are protected under the Intellectual Property Law.
  • Therefore, its use, imitation or replica for the personal promotion of items obtained through wholesale purchase is prohibited.
  • The buyer is invited to create their own content (photos, videos, etc.) to promote the items purchased in bulk purchases.
  • Prices subject to change without prior notice.